Chief Keef/Gucci Mane

Trap music is music that mixes vulgarity and gangster music to make a hype song. Trap music doesn't typically give a nice message tp the listeners. The artists either raps about their money, gang, family, fame, or how in generality they can do what they want. Rapping about how they can do whatever they want with the beat being made up of a large bass tends to get the listeners hype. The music consists of high and consistent word play; the better the bars, the better the song. This music is usually going to be found in parties that aren't formal whatsoever. Trap houses are a common spot to find this type of music.

What trap rap sounds like:

Trappers tend to come from a background with hardship. The music can reflect all the types of hardships they have had or their accomplishments even with the hardships. Trappers tend not to rap a message to the viewers but they do want to brag to the audience. They use violent words in their music to get rid of the anger or to assert their dominance or just because it's fun to them. A trap artist hase their own reasons as to why they make their music the way that they make it but it tends to be around the same reason as everyone else.