Storytelling rap is one of the hardest rap genres there is. You have to have flow, lyrical ability, rythm, an expanded vocablary, and a very creative mind. In storytelling rap you tell stories: Past experiences, thoughts on a subject, and events. This tends to be hard to do at times because you have to make the story interesting enough for the listener. You have to choose he write words to use, the right way to attack the words with flow, and how to express it to the listener. This is what most people used to be into and what is considered to be part of the older generation. This music is an awesome way to express your feelings towards anything. You can typically find poeple listening to this type of music individually; they could have their headphones in, playing it in the car, listening to it in their room, somewhere where they are alone typically. You could find this genre at parties as well bu it depends on how the artist wnats the music to speak to you and the tempo of the beat they have. Storytelling rap is a masterpiece if you do it correctly.

What storytelling rap sounds like:

This way of rap used to be the wave a few years ago. The greatest rappers were rappers who told stories within their songs. Tupac was one of the most important to do it. He made his music have an actual purpose which gave everyone a little hope. He gave everyone a little happiness. Him and when N.W.A came out helped the black community in the ways they could and believed would actually help. Tupac was an inspiration to many of today's artists and still no one can compare or come close to his legacy in the music industry. J. Cole is the artist that in today's generation is still killing the storytelling style of rap with every project that he releases. Now people don't want messages in their songs anymore. Today's generation just wants vibes, dancing music, and a fun time so they let mumble rap become the new generation of rap.