Mumble rap is literally what it is called. The artist soiunds as though they are mummbling while they are rapping. They will rap about some of the most unimportant things in life and cann say the most obsurd lyrics but still make it sound good. The beat is meant to take away focus from some of the lyrics. The beat is what the artist wants the listeners to pay attention to so they won't pay too much attention to the lyrics. The lyrics aren't bad, and sometimes they can be the best bars, but they don't make too much sense. The mixture of the beat, adlibs, and fun lyrics makes this type of rap one of the most popular today.

Why people hate it:

Why people like it:

People tend to hate mumble music because of the drastic change from when the lyrics were the main focus of the song, to where the lyrics are meaningless. The older generation tend to hate mumble rap off of the fact that the music have lyrics that are about the same things: money, drugs, and females. They want the "old" rap back but that's nt what the new generation wants.

People tend to like mumble music because of the way it makes poeple feel. Having music that raps about whjat people want that can give off fun vibes is what people want these days. They don't want "boring" songs about hardships because the newer generation doesn't go through the hardships that the older generation did.

What mumble rap sounds like:

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Mumble rap is currently the rap style that everyone goes for. They want to have th epersona of someone living their life, having fun, just doing whatever they want. If you get into the mumble rap style then you typically have a crazy persona to go with you. Mumble rap is a very fun style of rap to listen to when you want to have fun and that's what everyone wants these days. Mumble rap is the style of rap that's "in" today and it might stay that way for another 2-3 years or so. The evolution of rap will come in due time.