Top 5 Artists

Kendrick Lamar is currently the top rapper in 2018. His rewards and music prove it. His most recent album recieved the Pulitzer Prize. Having a whole album get an award that is typically given to books is an extremely difficult task to complete.

The next artist is Xxxtentacion. Also known as X, makes the perfect kind of music for emotional purposes. He knows how to manipulate the beat into a way to give off a mood that your mood will change to. He also knows how to sing which leads to him singing on his songs with the lyrical ability that he shows in the verses that he raps. X is the most diverse and versatile artist in 2018.

After X the next best artist has to be Drake. Drake knows how to make music that will have his audience's love. He knows how to make his songs somewhat relatable and fun. Also he makes the music catchy so that people constantly have his music in their head; making almost every song he releases to be loved by the public is a hard thing to do, especially when everyone doesn't have the same views.

Next to Drake would have to be J. Cole. J. cole is the best storyteller of this generation. He has multiple hits of him just telling a story. Making songs that have a message and tell a story are hard to have people like because today's generation doesn't like that. J. Cole also proved with his most recent album that he can do the storytelling and mumble rap. J. Cole is one of the greatest at his lyrical ability and his beat creativity.

Last but definetly not least is Logic. Logics lyrically ability, flow, and meaning of his music makes him one of the best. In some songs he can go crazy with a fun song and then at other times he'll go crazy with the songs that have messages in them. In both of those song types he never ceases to show off his flow and lyrical ability. His flow is one that can never be touched in terms of someone comparing to it.

  • Kendrick Lamar- "DAMN."

  • Xxxtentacion- "17"