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Vincent Van Gogh
One of the most Knows and adored artists is Vincent Van Gogh. But, he didnt always have the fans he has today. Infact he never even had fans. During his life time he wasnt well known as the artist who makes masterpiece after masterpiece no, he was just another face in a crowd of faces. Vincent had only sold one painting in his entire life span and was very poor. To make matters even worse Van gogh had mentall ilnesses which made him confused, and it was hard to concentrate on his works which made it even worse for a chance to sell his art.
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Leonardo Da Vinci
Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci isnt his real name. No, when he was alive he was only known as Leonardo and was born in the city if Vinci which influenced his sername Leonarod Da Vinci. Leonardo was praised for his Art, Thinking, and inventions that helped and inspired many people including other artists.
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Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso was a Spanish expatriate painter, sculpter, and expert in many other art forms. Pablo picasso is considered the most influencial artist of the 20th century and he was one of the most inspirational sculpters to exist
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Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock became famous for his use of  abstract expressionist, or in simple terms, taking a brush or can of paitn and splashign onto a canvas in different diections and colors to make abstact art. He became a well known artist for his unique style and way of thinking.

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