Birds of the World

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Exotic birds usually cant be seen from your backyard space and are rare. The most common exotic birds have a diet of bugs and berries. Common Exotic birds being Parrots, Pheasants, and Peacocks.

Most often the best way to see an exotic bird is in its natural habitat by bird watching. You should make sure you know what you are doing before you go on any bird-seeking adventures.

Check out this website to learn the basic of bird watching!
Picture of a Parrot

The parrot is probably the most common of exotic birds, with around 350 species of parrots.

A picture of a Pheasant

The pheasant is a beautiful species of bird. It has many sub-species but, is often hunted for its meat and feathers.

A picture of a Peacock

The peacock is also a common exotic bird. With many sub-species being quite prevalent, the peacock itself is near endangered because it is being hunted for its feathered train.

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