Birds of the World

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Having a bet as a pet is very beneficial, they are smaller than a cat or dog and easy to train. But having a pet bird isn't all smooth sailing , and if you are looking into getting a bird you should make sure you are ready to sufficiently take care of one.

All in all you should get a pet bird, because they are great friends, they are loyal, and they are fun to train.

Find yourself a pet bird at your local PetsMart!
Picture of a Parakeet

The Parakeet or Budgie is probably the most common pet in pet stores. These birds have easy upkeep, long life expectancy, and are great for first time bird owners.

A picture of a Conure

Conures are sweet and intelligent birds. They are a little harder to upkeep than a parakeet because they are much bigger. But, they have long life expectancy. This bird is a great friend, but make sure you do research before you get one.

A picture of a Peacock

Cockatoos have unique personality and loud voices. They are fun to train and beautiful. This birds are most likely for people with past experience in caring for birds. It will also be much more expensive than other birds but, this birds fun personality is worth it.

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