Who Are We?

We are TD Tech! We offer FREE remote computer support while also offering a Mail-in service. We don’t charge as much as big name places that are in it to make money and have low accuracy detecting issues. We are a highly qualified service group with real-world training and real-world experiences! Have a look below at our servicing team!

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Tylor Dettore (Owner of TD Tech)

He isn’t just the owner, but he also helps guide his employees into ensuring quality for the best possible customer satisfaction. He also helps maintain all of the servers to keep costs down so we don’t have to pay for web hosting and server maintenance.

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Dylan Richards

Dylan is one of our technicians. He also helps Tylor run TD Tech by managing the books and making sure everything is running smoothly. Dylan is best at older technology (Mid 2000s and Late 90s), and that is what he does the most and has more experience in that field compared to the rest of us.


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Spencer Pevletic

Spencer does his best to service PCs with the best quality work possible without breaking the bank. He believs in doing the best quality work avalible to satisfy coustomers. He is very knowlageable and helpful. He's best at serviceing newer PCs.