Stop Motion

In general, stop-motion is any object that is moved carefully and precisely to make an action for each photograph in a sequence. This takes up a lot of time just a couple seconds. There is usually a physical 3D background. Stop-Motion animation has few categories within itself. The main categories are puppet animation and claymation. Puppet figures are used in puppet animation. Most puppets have a flexible skeleton inside them making them more open to different positions than a regular doll. Steadiness of the puppet is very important so that the animation is smoother. In claymation, the characters, figures and some objects are made out of clay. For better stability, some clay models have a wire frame inside them. Clay figures are typically easy to manipulate.

Apps/Software And Devices

There are limited apps and software for stop motion. Using a camera or smart phone camera may be very time consuming and take up storage. A great app/software is StopMotion Studio/Pro. StopMotion Studio/Pro is great at taking pictures and editing them at the same time. Dragon Frame is another great animation software to edit the stop motion.

Any camera or smart phone camera can be used to take the pictures. StopMotion Studio/Pro is avaible on a smartphone, iPad/tablet, macOS and Windows

Examples made by other animators

Blue Man - Claymation (stop motion animation) by Dylan Standard on Youtube.

Stop Motion Animation. Magic Water by Guldies on Youtube.

Ausbruch (stop-motion puppet animation) by Conradin on Youtube.