Digital style

In digital/computer animation, there are different types of animation such as CGI, motion graphics, animation motion capture footage, and 2D/Vector-based animation. The easiest one to start is the 2D animation style. 2D animation utilizes many techniques of traditional animation. Some similarities include posing models, frame by frame, rotoscoping and drawing characters, backgrounds, and props. The mouse is used to draw the animation but an electronic pressure-sensitive drawing tablet is a better alternative. The drawing tablets can range from $25 to over $1500! Drawing may be easier to other if using a touchscreen computer or laptop.

Apps/software and devices

There are many great software for computer animation. Some free software include Pencil 2D and pivot animator. Adobe Animate CC and Toon Boom are other great animation software that costs money. Apps for mobile devices are Animation Desk, Flipaclip, and sticknodes. Animation desk pro and sticknodes pro are better versions of their free counterpart.

A mac and windows 10 are the best comkputers for these software. Ipads, and tablets and smart phone are compatible with the apps

Examples made by other animators

Traditional animation vs. vector-based animation by furface70 on Youtube.

Animation vs. YouTube (original) by Alan Becker on Youtube.

Animation Desk by Draconian Rain on Youtube.