Aran's Warships

LEGO Version of the RAN Cockatoo.

Image of the Lego RAN Cockatoo


Similar to Canada and the RCN, Australia and the RAN had it's own warship projects. HMAS Australia as part of the "Empire protection plan". This plan including, to protect trade routes near Australia, and to provide their contribution to defense of the Commonwealth Empire as a whole. The design itself would resemble a significantly modified Hawkins class cruiser, with a similar hull shape and armor layout. Difference include the use of either 3 triple or 4 twin turrets, 2 more boilers in a different layout and a slightly modified superstructure and bridge. While Australia have the accurate data about the Hawkins class but at this time the Counties were still under development and thus information on them was scarce.

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Image of the real RAN Cockatoo

Image of the real RAN Cockatoo


The reason for why I decided to build this warship was because I liked the shape of it, nothing else really. I used this to experiment with the size of my builds because this is the first, and so far only, warship that I have built that is 3 studs wide so far.

RAN Cockatoo
USS Enterprise
USS Fletcher
KMS Graf Zeppelin
>IJN Hiryu
IJN Tenryu
Year Sunk/Decommissioned: 1946

First Launch: July 27, 1918

Nationality: Australia

Warship Type: Heavy Cruiser

Speed: 61km per hour


The biggest thing that i could have done to make this build better was at least get the colors right, however there are not enough pieces around to use to make this warship with the right colors.

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