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Rise of Iron



Age of Triumph

DLC4:Rise of Iron

Destiny's fourth and final DLC. Going from a whopping 335 to 385. A new story where you become an iron lord, crucible maps, a raid, some remade strikes, and an even bigger emphasis on side arms since they were cast away in Yr2. The community didn't hate the expansion but were sad when they realized it wasn't as big as Taken King was. Speaking of Yr2 instead of throwing away all the old guns you can level them up to Yr3 value. Not only that they also brought the gun that literally broke Yr1, Ghallerhorn. They didn't do this without making it weaker of course but the community understand and expected them to do so. But not only that they also brought back Thorn but they changed it's exotic perk so it wasn't so strong in the crucible.


Honestly without blind nostalgia the PvE of year 3 was just taking old stuff and adding a couple of new things in them. Strikes were re-vamped to include Siva in some way, and the new patrol space was just an extension of an old one that you could still travel back to if you wanted to. The raid though was where the community focus was. Every raid before hand had an exotic just for it but this raid was tricky. Once Bungie saw how the community was struggling to get the gun they finally helped out and gave us a hint. After that the gun was quickly found and the gun was pretty good, but where it shined was the crucible where it quickly got nerfed and then became decent again. With the Ghallerhorn back people feared it would rule PvE and PvP again but did neither. In PvP it was a waste of an exotic slot while in PvE the Sleeper even though nerfed was still the best.

For the raid one of the best weapons to use on the final boss Aksis wasn't either though. The 1 weapon that out performed both was an exotic sword known as the Dark-Drinker. The weapon never saw much play other than there and Strikes with High Priority targets so It never changed and is still good to this date.

Raid Entrance


The crucible meta never really changed from Yr2 but auto rifles were an option now and were usable. I know I haven't talked about Iron Banner until know and reason being is that it wasn't as prevalent until know since none of weapons had really broken the Crucible Landscape until now. That weapon was the Clever Dragon. It was a high rate of fire pulse rifle with a very fast time to kill from almost any range. This gun to the crucible by storm and every one loved it because it was good. Bungie then nerfed all fast rate of pulses' and they were still good but not the same.

Post Age of Triumph

The crucible after the age of triumph was horrible. It went form being every special weapon being viable to 1 special weapon category and 3 exotics. Sidearms, Icebreaker, No land Beyond, and Universal Remote. The reasons why they were usable are as follows.

  • Had ammo after respawning
  • Were able to 1 shot guardians like all special weapons
  • In the case of Icebreaker it could recharge it's ammo so you never had worry about running out infact it was time

Age of Triumph

The update that made many people come back to playing destiny. Age of Triumph brought back all the raids into Yr3 value and made all the armor sets customizable giving you a reason to do the weekly raids and not only that every raid weapon if you did the challenge could be an elemental primary which was missing since year 1 and only the exotic auto rifle Zhallo Supercelle was after year 1. This gave players an even bigger incentive to play since they wanted all the cool new stuff. As said before in the PvP section Bungie changed the crucible but I already discussed that. Not only were you given all these things to do but Bungie even gave you an in-game check list on what you can do and once you completed that check list you could by a shirt that was worth thousands of dollars for just $7.77 and for D2 you were given some cool emblems for doing so. Because of all of this the game flourished and people were hyped for the line in the Franchise Destiny 2. Little did we know what Destiny 2 was going to be.


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