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Taken King



Crucible Events

DLC 3 (AKA Yr2): The Taken King

By far the biggest expansion in the Destiny franchise to date. It balanced all the weapons making them viable. It had new crucible maps, guns, sidearms were becoming more available, a really good raid, and a bunch of new exotics. The release of Taken King had also changed the leveling mechanic making it so everyone is lv 20. Also they gave all the characters a new subclass so that was cool. People with dlc could go higher but instead of levels mattering (they still did but not like before) light is was mattered. Your light value was just the the average number of all your weapons and gear combined. They re-introduced all the enemies but gave them all a "taken form" giving new abilities that you must take into consideration before fighting some of them. Strikes were re-made with the taken. This DLC also made all your old weapons un-useable so you have to out and grind them all again. Although some would stay with the times most did not.

Raid change, April update and Community finds


September 24th 2015 a reddit user by the name of Chaddiggans found a new exotic weapon called the Black Spindle. He was just doing the weekly heroic mission and noticed a door that had never been open before hand and decided to go in it. Little did he know this triggered an event where you have to clear 6 waves of enemies in 10 min or you fail. After completing this you get the sniper and is regard as the best weapon to be used on the second boss in the new raid so it became very popular after that. After the community had figured out the raid in both hard and normal mode Bungie decided to give the raid optional challenges. People were struggling to get to the max light lv 320 and so Bungie decided to make it a bit easier. They introduced an optional challenge mode where if you defeated a boss a certain way you would be guaranteed a 320 item. Now after a while pretty much everyone got 320 and wanted a new goal so in April of 2016 they put in a new update. Some weapon changes but most important of all a new light lv cap of 335. The way to get 335 was to do Yr2 version of Prison of Elders (yes they brought this back). There were some new weapons and gear but the main purpose of these weapons and armor were to just to make you look cool. That was there only purpose but people were OK with what they got so in the end the update was a success.


Example of an Armor set

The crucible and how Bungie tried to fix it

Bungie had changed the crucible drastically and made all weapons but auto rifles viable. It's not that auto rifles were bad it's just the rest of the weapons were better. Instead of hand-cannons pulse rifles rained unchallenged at mid to far range unless a hand-cannon challenged at mid and a scout rifle challenged it at far, but even then they're were still the best option. I haven't really mentioned the competitive scene in crucible because it was Trials of Osiris where it was just 3v3 elimination and Thorn took over but now I will since it got better. Now remember when I said auto rifles were bad? There was only one that was good and it was the best weapon in the game and it the Doctrine of Passing. The gun was just a bullet-hose but was accurate which is why it was so good. Shotguns and snipers stayed the same but shotguns lost the perk shot-package which made them a little worse. The exotic shotgun at the time was the universal remote which took over your primary slot but was worth it.

Bungie later down the line decided that in only Trials of Osiris you'd get no special ammo at the start of a round and the crucible community lashed back in anger and they changed it back so it was a failure of an update.

Warlock Trials armor set and Trials weapons

Crucible events

To spice things up Bungie decided to make some crucible events. For Valentines day there was Crimson Doubles and for Halloween there was Inferno Trial of Osiris.

Crimson Doubles was a lot of fun where you and your "date" would do a 2v2 elimination between another "couple". You'd so new shader and so other cool stuff exclusive to the event. The best part about it was that at the tower was changed just for this event which was cute.

For Halloween they had the festival of the lost. An event where you could go around "trick or treating" and complete certain actions for a mask. In Trials of Osiris they changed for the event. For pretty much that week only I didn't touch Trials since I didn't like the change. The changes were as follows. No radar and no reviving your team mates. They may seem like small changes but they were enough to get some people to not play it.

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