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September 9th, 2014, the date of release of the new line of games from Bungie the original creators of the Halo series. Destiny struck the market pretty big on that day with over a million people playing worldwide on day 1. With all the marketing and youtube videos coming from creators such as Datto and Mr.Fruit gaming channels, Destiny had a healthy launch. All though the story wasn't told in such a well manner that wasn't the main focus of the game. It was the end game content that mattered. After you had done the story you really had two options to gear up for the end raid, doing the weekly strikes which were more difficult than normal strikes and the crucible. The in-game pvp game mode.

Once you had reached the level of 26 you can now attempt the raid the ultimate challenge to reach the actual highest lv 30. The raid consisted of 3 events and 2 boss battles, The Templar the 1st boss and Aetheon the final boss. What you got from completing these events were gear and loot designed for the raid itself because the purpose of the raids was too go back and do them again with different characters or wait again next week to get the loot you wanted.

Aetheon the final boss

DLC 1: The Dark Below

Destiny's first expansion pack the Dark Below came out Dec 9, 2014. This expansion came with a new story, new weapons and armor, more crucible maps, and a whole new raid and increases the highest level from 30 to 32. This expansion focused on the Hive, an enemy that has taken over the moon for years and is now going to revive their god Crota which must be stopped.

The raid was the highlight with you taking down Crota being the objective. The raid however wasn't really thought out that well and the community broke it. What was supposed to be a 6 man experience became and experience you could do alone. The first event which made you follow lamps to step on a platform to create a bridge was geographically broken meaning you could reach the end in 3 minutes and start building the bridge. However all you had to was step on the platform to create the bridge and just sit on a rock. To pass the next encounter you had many ways to do it. What your supposed to do is make a bridge and get people holding a special sword dropped from an enemy across to kill everything on the other side. That's the correct way, the most common way depended on the skill of you and your team. Solo attempts was just fly across with the sword since you could gain that much altitude. If you had a team you get people who can fly across and people who couldn't die. This way the enemies that need to be killed spawn.

Crota the final boss was simple as well. first you start in a room and are trapped. you can't heal and enemies are all around you. A problem has already appeared. They are many ways to heal yourself including weapons that heal when an enemy is killed and a perk that heals after picking up an orb of light which filled up your super. After that everyone goes outside and the only way to kill Crota is with the sword of the Sword Bearer. The way to bring down Crota's shield is to blast. The community figured out that the best weapon to do this was the exotic rocket launcher call the Ghallerhorn. One shot from it would brake Crota's shield and then the Person with the sword would hurt him. After that everyone goes inside, finds a way to heal, then does the something. The raid when done correctly was fun but was flawed in many ways sadly.

(this will be only time I talk about raid procedure since this is a special case where it is broken by the community)


DLC2: House of Wolves

Destiny's 2nd expansion the House of Wolves was released May 15, 2015. This expansion came with a new story, new weapons and armor, more crucible maps, a new level cap of 34,and a whole new pve mode called the Prison of Elders. The plot of of the second expansion is as follows. The queen of the reef requires your help to track and capture the rebel leader Skolas. Skolas is out to take over all the fallen clans and become "the Kell of Kells". After completing the story your awarded with a sidearm and this also means a new weapon class.

After completing instead of a raid you are instead given a new end game pve mode called prison of elder. Prison of elder is like and arena, you defeat 3 waves of enemies in 3 different rooms. There are 4 rooms for each enemy type and depending on what difficulty you are playing on you can get modifiers that help or hinder you. This may include no healing expect from perks and just doing less damage in general for a certain weapon type. Every week there was a new boss to fight adding some variety as well.

The Prison of Elders did have one final challenge. Skolas the main antagonist wasn't killed he was captured and is now being used in the Prison. His challenge was called Skolas's revenge. This challenge sort of took place in the raid. The biggest difference is that throughout the entire game enemies are normally weaker than/ equal to you. However instead the enemies were 1 level higher than you no matter what meaning you are doing 33% less damage and taking 33% more damage. There are 5 rounds instead of 3 and Skolas himself was a confusing boss fight that I won't get into.

The crucible

The crucible was a player vs player mode where teams of 6 would either try to take over objectives and win the game or just kill each other for points. This seems very simple but like many other shooters there were certain weapons that were just better than the rest. Shotguns and snipers were your main weapons when it came to getting kills and in terms of primaries hand-cannons were everywhere. Due to hand-cannons having the range of snipers and high impact they were the best but only 3 were ever used. The Thorn an exotic hand-cannon where all you had to do was get 3 body shots or 2 headshots and let the enemy burn while you run away. The Last Word a full auto hand-cannon that due to a glitch would let you 2-3 shot everyone. Lastly the hawkmoon a ps4 exclusive. Due to another glitch you could 1 shot enemies if luck was in your favor. These 3 weapons were the only things seen in the crucible beside sniper and shotguns.

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