My Thoughts on the franchise as a whole

The Destiny franchise is bar far one of my favorites if not the favorite. It was a game that made me break out of my bubble and was the only things that got rid of the stress of life I had as a middle school boy. I'm glad that I got the game and even happier that I had friends who could also play the game with me. The crucible was where I shined the most and to friends I was one the best among them. That was Destiny however and Destiny 2 is a whole different story. When the game first came out me and my friends were exited to play it but only did so for about 2 months since the game was very lacking in content. When the next expansion Curse of Osiris came out I only played it for about 3 weeks since to me it wasn't interesting. I can't really rate the Warmind DLC since I haven't really given the entire thing a fair chance. I haven't done the new raid lair and fro what I've seen it's one of the hardest raids in Destiny if not the hardest. The crucible though on console is pretty bland. Everyone is using the same weapons which are Graviton Lance which I'm okay with but the other main weapon, the Vigilance Wing is a 5 round burst pulse rifle and that weapon is used everywhere. So in my opinion crucible needs a little re-work to it. I wanted D2 to be a good game I really did and when it came out I was disappointed so hopefully the game will get better so I can finally enjoy the game I want to love.

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