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Internet Culture

An online "Language": 1337 5P34K (Leet Speak):

Started during the 80’s when the internet was still an experimental child, hackers would communicate with each other and use “1337 5P34K” (leet speak) as a means of cryptic communications, since nobody in the real world would ever speak like that. Replacing letters with numbers and/or symbols was how these so-called hackers would text each other. For example: “ph34r my 1337 hax0rz ski11z” would translate to: Fear my leet (elite) hacker skills. Yeahhh, it doesn't make much sense and those who would later on use this; mainly edgy 12 year olds in the 90’s and 2000’s, script-kittys and overall just cringy morons who think 741|<1N9 11|<3 7|-|15 15 |<001 (talking like this is cool) when in reality, everyone around the said speaker just stares at them with mild discomfort.

Culture in the "Wild Web":

The Wild Web. The vast online world in which anything goes. Ranging from local memes that only a few people would understand to full out subcultures. The Wild Web was a crazy place; where normies would still have their main attention on mainstream media (Nicknamed the Mainstream Metropolis), and “Outsiders” (I don’t like using the phrase) would explore around the internet sharing all their interests and creativity. Back then, websites would be explored left and right, north and south, from American territory to Europe or even Asian servers. The internet without the majority of it being mainly YouTube or any social media, was a very diverse place. Instead of clickbait articles left and right and memes dying within two weeks, everything lasted longer since the fear of over-saturation was low. Memes lasted for months and even years, sites were still relevant; unlike today where the only sites you ever visit are YouTube, a couple social media networks, maybe some magazine/news outlet, rarely a music site with organized stations such as Pandora or spotify (although many would still just use YouTube) and that’s generally it. Where as back then you would be able to visit forums/message boards, some flash websites, play a couple games here and there, feed your virtual pet (Neopet and Webkinz are prime examples). And really, there was just a lot more to do back then, compared to today’s internet.

E-celebs, what?:

An E-celeb is someone who has gotten popular thanks to social media and/or the internet. Mainly garnered fame through YouTube, although there are a few exceptions here and there.

Some E-Celebs


The popular flash animation god himself, Egoraptor. Starting off his animation “career” in 2006 on Newgrounds, he made a name for himself with his animations; namely his “Awesome” series, which parodied many popular video games of the time. His “awesome” series alongside other minor projects propelled him into Newgrounds game, and even more so when YouTube started getting popular. He  started getting so much respect that he would often collaborate with other animators or even cameo in their works. This guy was so praised that he had hundred thousands of fans and eventually millions of fans loving him to the point where his fanbase should be considered a cult. No literally, he had fans so loyal that they would call out other animators for “copying his style”. Although, the fanbase had died down and Arin Hanson (that’s Egoraptor’s real name) has contributed to other works such as voice acting in cartoons and making his own band, called Starbomb. So uhh, yeah, Egoraptor, cool guy, niiiiice.


Fred Figglehorn was a YouTube sensation back in the pre-2010’s era of YouTube. He was a fictional character played by Lucas Cruikshank who was not only featured in his own YouTube channel, but also in some episodes of the (then) popular show: Icarly and eventually his own 3 films. Fred is a six year old kid with an (annoying) high pitched voice, a hyper personality, a disruptive home, and “anger problems”. The Fred “show/series” (i’m not sure what to call it) was a huge hit in classic YouTube that it made the Fred channel the first ever YouTube channel to hit the (then) mind-blowing goal of One million subscribers. Other than having a huge fanbase back then, yeah- no Fred is pretty much dead.


Originally run by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, back then, Smosh was the most hilarious duo that ever lived in classic YouTube (to most people anyway). Many people saw them as either bing hilarious, or just annoying and stupid. Yet, people still loved them. Although most jokes seem to be nonsensical random skits, some of them had clever jokes hidden by dumb acting. The first couple of “IF _______ WERE REAL” were examples of this.  Another hilarious series that they thought up of was “FOOD BATTLES” in which Ian and his pink donut would challenge Anthony with a random food that the fans chose, to compete in which food was able to be used as a tool the best. Although Anthony has since left Smosh, and Smosh nowadays is pretty boring to be honest, back then, we thought of these two as our dumb best friends.


The “Angry Video Game Nerd”, created by James Rolfe was an internet persona that exploded with popularity, especially within the gaming groups of then. Originally broadcasting his videos on, the nerd started his series in 2004, and slowly started getting more and more popular as the years progressed; getting more fans, better equipment, more ideas (although he had a drought of ideas during the 2010’s). But, in the 2000’s, this was the golden age of the Nerd. Not only coming out with the best episodes that many fans would agree on, but also having creative ideas such as having guest characters that would come out of the game and pester the nerd; Bugs bunny being the most popular of them all. AVGN mainly reviewed the terrible games of the 80’s and 90’s, and made it his mission for people not to be tormented by this terrible games. Although the show was full of vulgar jokes and a bitter host, it was extremely enjoyable for the time being. We felt right at home with this guy; showing our frustrations with the games that people unfortunately wasted their money on (which would foreshadow today’s generation of gamers being constantly fed up by the gaming industry’s numerous flaws and cash grabs). And anyway, at the end of the day, it was enjoyable.

Nostalgia Critic

Although i never really watched him back then, many people say that he was the AVGN of movies (while the AVGN was called the Nostalgia critic of games). Although the AVGN technically came first, it didn’t matter since they were sort of the pioneers of reviewing in the YouTube platform. Made by Doug Walker, Nostalgia Critic was the online comedy web series which in which the critic would review movies that weren’t so great. His slogan “I remember it, so you don’t have to” perfectly summarized his series as he ridicules bad titles like the infamous Super Mario Bros. live action movie. From the few clips that i’ve seen, he seems like a hilarious guy with clever skits (though he has been in some deep drama lately buuut- lets ignore that, no?).

Internet Slang

Hey, surprise suprise! People back then used something called slang on the internet and that type of jargon was commonly used, especially by gamers, 12 year olds, 4channers, and pretty much everyone on the internet who was just a filthy casual. This type of lingo here was cray cray ya hear? Alright i’ll stop.

  • Leet Speak / 1337 5P34|< : This

  • Fo shizzle: For sure.

  • Peep(s):  friend.

  • Bro: Another word for friend.

  • N00b: Someone who sucks at a game.

  • Newb(ie): someone who is a beginner at a game, meaning they suck at it. Synonymous with N00b.

  • OMG, LOL, THX: You should already know these

  • Troll: Someone on the internet who loves starting arguments and anger and/or annoy anyone who is near them. Mainly dwell in 4Chan, yet can invade other sites

  • Rofl: Rolling around floor laughing. Synonyms for lol yet for some reason nobody uses this anymore.

  • Anime: Japanese cartoons. Often watched by greasy, overweight, sad teenagers.

  • Cartoons: Anime for children of the west.

  • Gamers: Don’t tell me you don’t already know this.

  • Man-child: A grown man who acts and is pretty much in every way a child. Yes, A G R O W N - MAAAAAAAN. Most of the time being the age of 25 or over, either hasn’t gone to, or gave up on college; mainly depending on their mother for financial support. Not only that, they get yelled at every day by their mom who works 2 jobs and always tell their manchildren to get a job yet the lazy parasite groggily responds with “later” or a full outburst tantrum- reminiscent of an average 4 year old. Always act immature and selfish and are just a waste of time and space for everyone around them. A scum of the earth, bringing no positive aspects to anyone. …. I’m not sure about you but i was intending this to be a joke yet, this is actually pretty sad…. Anyway, point is nobody likes them and their the worst.

  • Raids: Primarily done by (but not exclusive to) 4Chan, internet raids are exactly what they sound like. A bunch of trolls make a complex plan to ruin a site and post as much offensive content as possible. Examples include the great habbo hotel raid on July 12th, 2006.

  • Social Media: Websites or apps that allow people to socialize with others around the internet.

  • Normie: Someone who follows social trends; A mindless drone.

  • Outsider: Someone who ignores common trends and goes for the more uncommon choice, trying (too hard) to be different (also think that liking something different makes them cool or interesting). So yes, literally the second definition of hipster on Urban Dictionary. Yeah 4chaners are gonna hate me for this (but I don’t care).


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Internet Culture

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