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                                                              The 2016 Chicago Cub Champions
The 2016 Chicago Cubs were one of the best cubs teams of all time. The Cubs were on fire being lead by one of the greatest cub pitchers, Jake Arrieta. The Cubs finished the season with an record of 103 wins and 58 loses in the regular season looking as the top team in the MLB. The Chicago Cubs eventually got to the world series to go aganist the Cleveland Indians. The Indians were up in the World Series 3-1 but the cubs got there confindince back with the win in game 5. The Cubs and Indians faced off in game 7 eventually and they got into extra innings. Later, the cubs won the game 8-7 to win the world series for the first time in 108 years!

Cubs Quote:

"I think now that Series becomes even more memorable, and people will talk about that forever. That said, on that night, I would have loved to have won 15-0."- Cubs General Manager, Jed Hoyer on the world series win.

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