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Serena Williams's Titles



Serena Williams has been the winner of 23 Major Singles Titles.


Career Highlights



In 1995, at age fourteen, Williams turned pro, arousing controversy among many who felt athletes should be older before they become professionals. The Women's Tennis Association (WTA), the governing body of women's professional tennis, barred competitors from WTA events at that age, so Williams's first pro event was a non-WTA tournament in Quebec, Canada. She was quickly eliminated from that competition. Her introduction to professional play indicated that she needed additional training time, and Richard decided that his youngest daughter should take a break from competition for the remainder of that year and the following year as well. In 1999, Serena Williams started competing again and that was when she started winning her first matches and has won numerous singles and doubles titles at Grand Slam events (the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open). She has won in total, 21 Grand Slam Titles.



  • Australian Open: 2003,2005,2007,2009,2010,2014
  • Us open: 1999,2002,2008,2012,2013,2014
  • French open: 2002,2013,2015
  • Wimbledon: 2002,2003,2009,2010,2012,2015


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