Soccer Salary

The National Women's Soccer League has a pay ceiling per player of just $37,800. That's compared to an average of more than $300,000 and a median of about $100,000 for men's Major League Soccer. Each team in the NWSL has a salary cap of just $265,000—compared to more than $3 million for men.

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$72,000 each year
Alex Morgan, one of the signatories of the complaint against U.S. Soccer, is the highest-paid American female soccer player. Her salary for the Portland Thorns, a NWSL team, is reportedly $450,000, and she also takes home about $1 million in endorsements from companies like McDonald’s and ChapStick. Still, her pay pales in comparison to male American players like Landon Donovan, who earned $2 million just from his team, let alone international superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who make tens of millions of dollars each year.
400,000 USD