Clippers players

About the Coach(Doc Rivers)

He was a born on October 13,1961 in Chicago, Illinois. He use to be a coach for the Boston Celtics and led them to the 2008 championship. Before all that he was a basketball player he played for teams such as Atlanta Hawks(1983), Lps Angeles Clippers (1991-1992), New York Knicks(1992-1994), and finally San Antonio Spurs(1994-1996). He retired from the NBA at the season of 1995-1996. after his retirement a few years later at 1999-2000 he became a head coach for the Orlando Magic, then he became a head coach of the Celtics after getting fired from Orlando Magic in the Celtic he got an outstanding blockbuster trade the Celtics got Kevin Garnett from Minnesota Timberwolves and Ray Allen from the Seattle SuperSonics.Then the Los Angeles Clippers saw the Celtics released Rivers from his contract and hired him to be the head coach of the Clippers.
DeAndre Jordan holding Doc Rivers
 ^^^Doc Rivers Being held back by Deandre Jordan after an unnecessary foul called by the referee      

About the Team Owner(Steve Ballmer)

 Steve ballmer(Steven Anthony Ballmer) was born in March 24,1956,Detriot, Michigan. He is an businessman who was the CEO of Microsoft from 2000-2014.




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