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Logic, who was born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, was born in Rockville, Maryland. He has been affiliated with hip-hop and rap since about the age of 13 when he watched the movie Kill Bill, directed by Quintin Tarantino. Up until now he has made seven mix tapes during his career, and this is including his latest two from the Bobby Tarantino saga. Logic is currently living in Beverly Hills, California with some of his closest friends including 6ix, Jordan "bo", Bobby Campbell, and other people that help him make music. Bobby, as most of his friends and family call him, is most commonly known for his song of the year nomination, "1-800-273-8255". This song was also nominated for a Grammy and the music video for this song was also nominated for Best Music Video. Logic has had much criticism all throughout his career due to many people arguing that he brings up his race too much in his music. This has caused even other artists to speak on this topic and bash him for his statement despite Logic's positive influence that he shows in his social media accounts and personality in general.  

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