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Everybody album cover

Everybody, which peaked at first place on the US Billboard 200, was a very controversial album from Logic. It revolves around Logic's well know motto of peace love and positivity and touches on topics like racism, sexuality, suicide, happiness, poverty, and more. Most songs on this album are told from the perspective of a different person every time which symbolizes a stereotype. Logic has stated that he believes that this was the album that he was meant to make and show the people and his fans. This was also Logic's first album to be certified platinum by selling over 1 million units.

The Incredible True Story album cover

The Incredible True Story is Logic's second studio album and it was released on November 13, 2015. The main theme of this album is outer space and it includes some scenes with a story line about two men, Thomas and Kai, who are in a spaceship with an incredibly smart AI that goes by the name of Thalia and they are on a mission to find a planet which they have named Paradise.

Under Pressure is Logic's debut album which reached number TWO on US Top
R&B/Hip-Hop albums and sold over 72,000 copies on its first week. Some would say that this is his best album yet and that could be to the lyrical ability that he demonstrates all throughout the album which made for a good image for the Maryland rapper. This is Logic's first studio album and it let people know Logic's hunger for success and his rapping abilities.

Bobby Tarantino I & II are Logic's latest mixtapes which have both reached top 10 on the US Top 200 upon release. The projects, as he refers to them, "Conscious trap". He refers to this as music that can be fun and lit while still having some kind of message on concept.

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