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6ix, as he is known by, was born Arjun Ivatory in Bowie, Maryland. Arjun has worked with Logic on producing almost about all his entire discography excluding most of his earliest mix tapes in which he only produced a fraction of the projects.


Jordan "Bo" Harris is Logic's personal bodyguard and friend. He has appeared in the music video for the song Take It Back. Jordan has even started making music of his own. He has released one single called Caroline. Jordan is very interested in weightlifting and is good friends with Bradley Martin, who is also a friend of Logic's.


Chris Zarou is Logic's manager and he is also the founder of Visionary Music Group,the label which Logic is signed to. Chris also manages Jon Bellion who is also signed to VMG.


"Bobby" Campbell is Logic's recording engineer and has worked with him for a long part of his carreer. Not much is know about Robert but he is seen in many of Logic's media posts meaning they are very close friends outside of the studio.

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