Early Childhood/Music career

Picture of Kanye when he was a child.

*Kanye West as a young child*

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Early childhood for Kanye:

Kanye was originally born in Atlanta, Georgia but moved to Chicago when his mom Donda West divorced his father Ray West  . Kanye's early life was rough growing up on the south side of Chicago, he had to fend for himself most of the time even though his mom tried her hardest. Kanye started producing and making music as early as 1997 with his, "1997 Beat tape" which featured 8 tracks produced by Ye. That tape would be the spark that would soon ignite the flames to boost his career to the good life. in 2000 Kanye had the opportunity to produce a song for Jay-Z (his soon to be best friend), he took up the opportunity and it put him on the map. Kanye would then start to branch out his career to be more than just a producer, he wanted to rap as well. With that decision he began to work on his first album, "The college dropout". This album sold extremely well for an artist first album, especially for a rapper selling over 2 million albums the first week. The album had famous tracks such as slow jamz, or Jesus walks, or Through The Wire, which all hit the billboard top 100, slow jamz going platinum and hitting #1. This would only start to go uphill from this point on, Kanye has released 8 studio albums that have all went platinum, he has made friends with legendary MC's and have changed the life of millions. Kanye West has had a successful life in the music industry and wants to branch out to more than music, hence his clothing and shoe brand that are selling extremely well, he is a great businessman.




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