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College Dropout Alternate Cover for the album college dropout

The College Dropout was Kanye West's first album, it went platinum and was what sprung him onto the scene. This album was soul music and very upbeat and happy, more religion in this album as well. Jesus walks and through the wire being the eventual biggest songs off of this album.

Track list for this album:

  • Intro
  • We Don't Care
  • Graduation Day
  • All Falls Down
  • I'll Fly Away
  • Spaceship
  • Jesus Walks
  • Never Let Me Down
  • Get Em High
  • Workout Plan
  • The New Workout Plan
  • Slow Jamz
  • Breathe In Breathe Out
  • School Spirit Skit 1
  • School Spirit
  • School Spirit Skit 2
  • Lil Jimmy Skit
  • Two Words
  • Through The Wire
  • Family Business
  • Last Call


Late Registration Alternate Cover for the album Late registraton

The second studio album Kanye Released was, Late Registration. This album also went platinum and has many classics to go along with it. This album was a little more soul and emotion than his first one, these emotions get poured out in later albums as we will see later.

Song list:

  • Wake Up Mr. West
  • Heard 'Em Say
  • Touch The Sky
  • Gold Digger
  • Skit #1
  • Drive Slow
  • My Way Home
  • Crack Music
  • Roses
  • Bring Me Down
  • Addiction
  • Skit #2
  • Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Remix
  • We Major
  • Skit #3
  • Hey Mama
  • Celebration
  • Skit #4
  • Gone
  • Diamonds From Sierra Leone - Bonus Track
  • Late
Graduation Album cover for the album Graduation

Graduation was Kanye's third studio album, this album was revolutionary for him and the hip-hop industry. Kanye took rap, which generally for the time had more natural sounding beats with actual instruments and mixed it with house music and techno. This was a risky step for the time but worked phenomenally, his biggest song off of this album, "stronger" went double platinum and was a remix to daft punk's 1997 hit, "harder better faster stronger". This would start off his new trend of being a trend-setter for the industry.

Track list:

  • Good Morning
  • Champion
  • Stronger
  • I Wonder
  • Good Life
  • Can't Tell Me Nothing
  • Barry Bonds
  • Flashing Lights
  • Everything I Am
  • The Glory
  • Homecoming
  • Big Brother
808's & heartbreak ALbum cover for the album 808's and heartbreak

808's & Heartbreak was a message coming from Kanye's soul to us. Kanye was hurt while making this album, his fiancée at the time ended things with him and his mother had passed away earlier from surgery complications. This was also one of his more criticized albums for using a lot more auto tune than he had done previously. His Track, "Heartless" went platinum, other notable songs were, "Street lights" and "Love Lockdown". This album lead other artists to not be afraid to speak feelings on their songs such as superstar "Drake".

Track list:

  • Say You Will
  • Welcome To Heartbreak
  • Heartless
  • Amazing
  • Love Lockdown
  • Paranoid
  • Robocop
  • Street Lights
  • Bad News
  • See You In My Nightmares
  • Coldest Winter
  • Pinocchio Story
yeezus album cover for th album yeezus

Yeezus was Kanye breaking out of his shell and into more of him stating that he had made it and found love. The general mood for this album are struggles coming to a good end, stories are told throughout to give the listener a good time. Notable tracks are, "Bound 2" and "Blood On The Leaves".

Track List:

  • On Sight
  • Black Skinhead
  • New Slaves
  • I'm In It
  • Blood On The Leaves
  • Guilt Trip
  • Send It Up
  • Bound 2
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover for the album My Beautifiul Dark Twisted Fantasy

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was Kanye's way of putting out the problems of the world. This was the most influential album of his to date. This was his comeback album, his backhand apology album, his album many would consider to be one of the best albums by an artist, ever. This album was to give his fans into an insight of his mind while also telling stories. There could be so much said about this album, if you would want to know more, listen to this podcast. Notable tracks, "Power" "Gorgeous" "Dark fantasy". This is personally my favorite album.

Track list:

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Gorgeous
  • All Of The Lights (Interlude)
  • All Of The Lights
  • Monster
  • So Appalled
  • Devil In A New Dress
  • Runaway
  • Hell Of A Life
  • Blame Game
  • Lost In the World
  • Who Will Survive In America
Watch the Throne Album cover for the album Watch the throne

Watch The Throne was an unexpected collaboration album with Kanye's long time friend, Jay-Z. This album was full of summer hits. This album was unlike the rest so far as it was not much emotionally oriented, just hype music. Notable tracks, "Otis" and "No Church In The Wild".


  • No Church In The Wild
  • Lift Off
  • Otis
  • Gotta Have It
  • New Day
  • Welcome To The Jungle
The Life of Pablo album cover for the album The Life Of Pablo


Here is Kanye's latest album released in winter 2016. This album took what he did with "Graduation" and modernized it as this was about ten years after that. This album is again not as much as emotional as the others but you can still see emotion in songs such as, "Real Friends". Notable tracks are, "Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1" "Waves" and "Real Friends".

Track List:

  • Ultralight Beam
  • Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1
  • Pt. 2
  • Famous
  • Feedback
  • Low Lights
  • Highlights
  • Freestyle 4
  • I Love Kanye
  • Waves
  • Real Friends
  • Wolves
  • Frank's Track
  • Siiiiiiiiiilver Surffffeeeeer Intermission
  • 30 Hours
  • No More Parties In LA
  • Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
  • Fade
  • Saint Pablo

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