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David's Accounts:

Instagram Instagram: daviddobrik

Snapchat Snapchat: daviddobrik

Twitter Twitter: DavidDobrik

Facebook Facebook: DavidDobrikOfficial

YouTube YouTube: David Dobrik



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David's Merch:

David Dobrik sells a successful line of merchandise including, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, phone cases, shorts, and sweatpants. The clothes that he sells usually have the iconic saying, "Click-bait" on them or is dedicated to the people in his vlogs including, Jason Nash, Scotty Sire, or Toddy Smith. These clothes of the people in his vlogs most likely have an inside joke on the shirt, as you can see to the left of Jason Nash being duct-taped to the wall. Many people enjoy the clothes he sells, seeing as there are lots of people spotted wearing the most popular click-bait hoodie and posting his clothes of social media.

You can buy his merchandise on a website called fanjoy!


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