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Daivd, Toddy, Zane,and Scotty dancing


Not a lot of information is know about David Dobrik's early life or his immediate family. David's siblings have been featured at times during his early vlogs, he has three siblings: Ester, sara, and Toby. David's family usually keep to themselves and aren't seen as much since they still live in Chicago while David now lives in California. The Names of David's parents are unknown - the only thing to say for sure is that they are Slovakia immigrants.


At the moment, David dobrik is currently is dating Liza Koshy. Liza Koshy is also a fellow Internet star whose six million strong fan base spans across the world. They have been dating since 2015 and they look so happy together. They make a great couple and team, seeing as both of their personalities are so much alike. Before they started dating they were friends for about 4 months. Since getting together, Liza and David shared many adorable and hilarious moments in their videos and even more closer in relationship challenges on Liza's channel such as "Couples Yoga Challenge!!" on YouTube. There are also rumors going around that David Dobrik will be proposing to Liza soon! (I don't think it's true since they are only 21, but you never know)

What Makes David So Unique:

Something that makes this YouTuber so unique is his way of staying out of controversy and drama between other celebrities or YouTubers. Unlike some other YouTubers, David is good at avoiding conflicts between other people and is just living his best life on YouTube, enjoying making videos with his friends. Something else that makes David Dobrik is how unpredictable his stunts are. David will do the unexpected and any crazy thought that comes to his mind he always makes sure to do one step further. He is also not afraid to break the rules and is also very upfront and honest with his audience by sharing, " My thumbnails are a parody of clickbait" which keeps his audience in on the inside joke of "clickbait" which he commonly uses a lot.

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