Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale Logo
  • There are 100 players in each game
  • The game starts off with everyone on a flying bus and they have to jump out and skydive toward where they want to land
  • Random weapons, shields, and other items are distributed throughout the map
  • The last player standing wins
  • Players can play by themselves(solo), with one other player(duos), and with three other players(squads)
  • If players play duos or squads, they can be revived by teammates onced they are knocked down by enemies
  • Destroy natural resources, buildings, and furnitures to get materials for building
  • The materials include wood, stone, and metal
  • It is important to build in this game because being a good builder makes you a better player
  • Players have to escape the Storm, which deals damage to players if they are not inside the safe zone
  • The safe zone is a circle where players are safe from the storm

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