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Rocket Leauge

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rocket leauge loading screen Matches

Rocket leauge matches typically last 5 minutes and the most basic goal is to score on the enemys goal with a ball like an average soccer game, but rocket leauge adds a different characteristic that makes this game stand out. Rocket leauge uses cars as players and rockets attached to the back of the car adding a strategical type of gameplay with many challanges and achivements to unlock while you play.

Rocket leauge gameplay cross-platform

Rocket leauge has a different type of play style, while it is not only multiplayer and single player, rocket leauge allows players with different consoles to play in a game with you. This is one of the many reasons of why rocket leauge has blown up in popularity over the years. Rocket leauge is and always will be a unique fun addictive game with a very wide player base and audience.

A little info

Rocket league has introduced a new way of playing soccer, by adding vehicals to the game instead of human figures rocket loeauge is an outstanding game that impresses many gamers to this day. Rocket leauge is a huge title game and this title game is released on many consoles including:

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