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Minecraft loading screen Minecraft loading screen
Art style

Minecraft has many different types of art styles, such as some of the loading screens (seen above). Minecraft is a multiplayer online games that allows a person to express creativity and build structures that the mind allows you to create.

Info about Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world, sandbox game. That allows for players to build what they want to in the enviornment they choose. Minecrafts main goal to beat the game is to defeat the enderdragon and with that you will be granted access to the end credits, but minecraft has a lot more to do once the defeat of the enderdragon. Minecraft includes many game modes you can play online as well as servers with a multitude of minigames, minecraft minigames servers are exclusive to PC players, but with the recent updates it shows that the servers that are availble to PC players will soon be usable by Console players as well.

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